Bye-bye Built-in

If you are an eagle-eyed viewer of this ol’ blog, you may have noticed that this before used to be an after!  It’s ok if you didn’t notice.  I have over 1,200 posts. You’d kind of have to be a stalker to notice that.  And it’s fine if you DID notice. I don’t mind stalkers.  Just don’t come to my house and watch me sleep or anything, ok?

So LeAnn had this built-in bookshelf that she didn’t love.  She made it work for a while with some turquoise paint and new knobs, but it was kind of a thorn in her side. So she did something completely irrational, ripped it out and replaced it with turquoise zebra print wallpaper.  Hey, nobody ever said rational equaled fun.  I love the whole new look in the entire room.  Check it out on her blog For the Love of Cottage.


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  1. Yep another successful After. But to be honest, it was everything else she did in the room that makes it a hitt, not just getting rid of the bookcase. Either way, it’s quite lovely now!

  2. Hi Lindsey..

    Thanks for featuring my new zebra wall:)

  3. Wow, that’s a gorgeous transformation! Great work, LeAnn!

  4. The before was charming in it’s own way but The After is more me!!! I am just LOVING the color scheme! Nice eye for the details that really pulled the room together!

  5. Oooooh, that is sooo nice. What a great transformation!

  6. Like night and day! Love the new transformation!


  7. Love it! I used to always drool over built-ins and wish I had one in my home until I moved to a place with a complete wall of built-in shelving. I realized that it takes a lot of creativity to make those built-ins look neat and cute, and its far easier for them to wind up being a giant billboard advertising: Clutter on Display! Love the simple but very fun after photo!

  8. Totally love the way the gold frame picks up the brass in the chandelier. Love your colors and your room. Sometimes we have to realize that less is indeed more. 🙂

  9. I think the before is actually better than the after.

  10. I totally agree with Sammy, the after is cool and I think the wall is outrageously creative and unique, but I absolutely loved the before!!!

  11. I like the after but I loved the built in! 🙂

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