What Goes Around

Caitlin picked up this shabby, bestickered table at a fundraising rummage sale, for a whopping $5.  When she got it home, her mom laughed and said it was the exact same table she had just found in the garbage!  She had plucked it out earlier to donate to the sale!  Oh well, it was $5 to a good cause.  And now it’s looking good, fully un-sticker-fied, proudly adorning the front porch in red.  See it on her blog Riparata.

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  1. Cute and funky! Love it!

  2. Really nice transformation, but the story was hilarious.

  3. Hilarious story! Beautiful after.

  4. Thanks so much for the feature!!

    <3 Caitlin

    (I love that this is a community not afraid of garbage salvage!)

  5. That is Hilarious…and I love the table!!!

  6. No one would throw it in the garbage now! Great makeover.

  7. I’ll bet her mom isnt laughing anymore. I’ll bet she secretly wishes she’d kept it after rescuing it from certain death:)

  8. how cute! and a gorgeous shade of red.

  9. LOVE! looking for great ideas for my front porch, this is definitely going on the inspiration board!

  10. It’s beautiful in red!!! And looks great on the porch!

  11. Just the right size for a punch of red. Looks great!

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