Velvet Revolver

I bet this dining room was someone’s “formal set” back in the day, meaning it only got used about once a year.  If I had chairs covered in mustard-colored velvet, I’d probably only pull them out once a year too, and not because I was worried about staining. (other than from my throw up) The whole set just has this sickly yellow vibe happening, from the velvet to the tabletop to the funky speckled finish. 

Luckily, this set got another go-round out of life when Korrie ditched the putrid hue in favor of striped dropcloth slipcovers, a fresh coat of Behr Pillar White, and about four coats of stain up top.  AND she overachieved and did a matching hutch, but you’ll have to check that one out on her blog Red Hen Home.

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  1. Ooh, this was a nice surprise! Thanks for highlighting this project!

  2. I’m not a fan of the after. The “skirts” on the chairs are a little much and don’t suite my taste. But I guess it isn’t in my house now is it.

    I am not trying to be rude I am just giving my opinion.

  3. I love that deep dark color!

  4. This is cute, it reminds me of Miss Mustard Seed, she does that dropcloth/grainsack skirt, I like the painted? stripe on this one. It looks so much better, I know how much work that took! Good job!

  5. It could just be distorted in the photo but the before cushion doesn’t appear to be mustard yellow to. It’s worse!! The dreaded 1970’s AVACADO!! That color was everywhere. We were all glad to see it go! It’s good that it’s gone here now too!

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