Stump the Yard

Alicia’s husband looked at her like she had grown a third head when she got excited over this pile of stumps.  But Alicia had a vision.  And that vision was stump tables.  After I saw her stump tables, I got excited too!  My dad has all kinds of stumps!  I’m sure he’d be happy to give me some, even though the conversation would probably go like this:

me: Dad!  Can I have some stumps?!  I’m going to make a stump table!

dad: Wuh?

me: TABLES out of the STUMPS!  So easy!  You take the stumps, paint them, and BAM: stump tables.

dad:  So …. you want … to build a table … with the stumps?

me: Nope! No building.  Just paint + stump = table.  That’s it!

dad: *looking at me like I have grown a third head* 

Ah well.  I see the vision. Check out more on Alicia’s blog, Thrifty and Chic.


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  1. Oh my goodness! I just found your blog (came over from Christina’s adventures!) and LOVE it!! What an awesome idea!!

  2. These would look great oiled and lacquered as natural wood, too!

  3. HA! What a great idea! I wouldn’t have ever thought of that!!

  4. Yup. I have one topped with a bit of foam and fabric and it’s the best footstool ever! They are lovely in white..

  5. great idea! 🙂 but a little heavy piece 🙂

  6. It would only fit for a certain kind of decor…maybe in a cabin? But I do like the look and waaaay cheap!

  7. COOL!


  8. These are so, so beautiful! I also love the white. Amazing job!

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