Expiration Date

Better After reader Chris  found this old milk jug by the side of the road.  She knew it had potential to be something great, so she kept it around.  For twenty years!  Finally one day she decided to just fix the darn thing up already.  So she painted it white and added some vinyl lettering, and now it’s a welcoming little showpiece on her front porch. 

Is there something that has followed you around for a long time, maybe even decades, waiting for a little love and attention?  Well, here is your wake up call!  Make it happen and fix that darn thing up already!  Why not do it today?

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  1. Yep. This is seriously awesome! I someone to leave one of these on the roadside for me.

  2. “Is there something that has followed you around for a long time, maybe even decades, waiting for a little love and attention?”

    Well, my husband wouldn’t mind a bit more attention. But I don’t think he’d want to be covered in paint. 🙂

    I wish my roadside would cough up used milk cans, too. That’s a fantastic find and a gorgeous After.

  3. LOVE it! I’ve just added myself as your newest follower. Hope you drop by and see me sometime. Happy Summer Ya’ll!

  4. Wow! perfection

  5. wow! now it looks perfect! 🙂

  6. Wow, love it! Wish I could find one of those sitting around somewhere!

  7. Way cool use for an old milk can.

  8. super cute!

  9. Very nice but my grandfather called his a milk can, the jug is the plastic thing in the fridge. Of course I came from the era of cartons instead of jugs. Anyway it looks wonderful!

  10. nice! i love those old milk jugs.


  11. Love it!

  12. Love

  13. charming update!

  14. love the milk jug! but why not just plant your flowers IN the jug and get rid of the ugly plastic pot??

  15. Thanks Better After for featuring my project! Thanks everyone for your comments! Ladyhawthorne, I remember the cardboard cartons too! Kristen, above, we could never get the top of the can off. It’s dented on the other side. Besides, the top adds to the complete look of the can. I agree the flower pot is the standard-just-purchased-from-Lowes pot, but they are flowers from my mom, and I didn’t have anything to replant them into.

  16. I just bought a milk jug off of Craigslist because of this picture…we have been in need of house numbers for awhile (just ask the UPS man), but I have been waiting for the perfect way to do them. Thanks to you I found it!!! I am so excited!!! 🙂

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