Against the Grain

In case your knowledge of French consists of that one semester you slept through in college like me, here is a refresher.  Faux bois, pronounced “foe bwah” and definitely not “fox boys”  is a term that means “fake wood.” You may be asking yourself what the heck that has to do with anything. Obviously Kari’s wood table here is anything but fake, and besides,she painted over the wood in the end anyway. 

But look closely!  No, CLOSER.  Do you see the faux bois grain in yellow on the top?  Isn’t that great? She accomplished this with her faux bois rocker tool, which I want to try because it looks so easy and yet delivers really groovy results.  (ha, pun!)  See more from Kari at Encore Decor.

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  1. beautiful! love the color and the way the top looks very different!!!

  2. That is very. very. cool.

  3. this turned out amazing

  4. what a cool piece! She did a nice job on it, but this is one of those I think was better as is. Still, a great technique very well done.

  5. Great after results!! She did a great job!


  6. What a beautiful job she did on the top of this!

  7. YAY Kari! Love the top! It looks fantastic.

  8. Where the mirror be at? Kari could do fog mirror treatment on it to match her stellar ‘fox wood’ top!

  9. looks awesome!!
    great job!

  10. simply delightful! what a fun, graphic color!

  11. Guess it’s time to buy a rocker tool! I love this fake yellow wood. What a great idea. I get bored of the plain white tops, so this is refreshing.

  12. Thanks for the great comments everyone, finally figured out how to comment…haha 🙂

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