Winner and a trashy makeover!

Congratulations to LITTLE MISS LITERARY, who was tapped by’s mystical wand-o-luckiness and is the new recipient of a $50 credit toward!
And now, in other news … literally… 
Melisa from Toad In A Boat, who is not a boring girl, decided her trash can needn’t be boring either, and wrapped it in newsprint! (Actually, it’s not. It’s wrapped in pages of an old novel. But that makes segueing like, way harder). She also attached little scrabble tiles with liquid nails for an extra fun touch! If I had enough space and scrabble tiles, I would spell “classified” on my trashcan. What would you write on yours? 

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  1. That is all kinds of awesome! I want one!!

  2. Trashy makeover, heehee, love that. BTW, my name is spelled Melisa. Not normal, I know. 🙂

    Congrats to LITTLE MISS LITERARY for winning the giveaway! I bet you’re feeling lucky!

  3. Well, if you get bored, you can always read the trash bin…

    Great idea!

  4. Really cool trashcan! I’m wondering if she sealed it with something to keep it from fraying and getting dirty.

  5. LOVE that idea – witty, functional, and just plain awesome. Whats not to love!

  6. Love it! So fun!

  7. Just saw that I won! Woohoo. I emailed you. Hope its not to late.

  8. Oh Gawd…wait til I get to my trash can!!!

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