Purty Porch

Summa summa summa ti-iiime!  Time to sit back and unwind!  Easier said than done when your front porch looks like a drug dealer drop spot.  Or a very sad bakery.  Carol-Anne wasn’t having any of that foolishness, so she upgraded her puny porch into a lush little piece of happiness!  Check out her blog Use the Good Dishes to get an up close glimpse and to drool a little bit over her outdoor rug too. 

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  1. Awesome makeover. I love your humor!

  2. It’s hard to believe they are the same porch. The After is definetly better 🙂

  3. Is that even the same house? It looks so different.

  4. Wow!!! The power of flowers and paint!!!

  5. Featured twice in one week? Be still my heart!

    Thanks so much and your writing style is so great!

  6. This transformation.is.stunning!!! WOW!!!


  7. dats purty much perfect! Can’t believe i’s the same house.

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