No Country for Old Dressers

Apparently IKEA went through a country phase just like I did! Shut up, you did too. Wasn’t there some point in your past when you watched Pure Country with George Strait, and you decided you wanted to marry a cowboy, and you listened to nothing but Martina McBride for a whole summer, and you asked your mom to buy you a pair of Wranglers? No? Just me then? Ok.

Well, that phase has come and gone, and so has this look. Melanie attacked her 1997 dresser set with a paint and distress technique that makes it look even older than ever! Isn’t it funny that we do that in order to update? Looks great though! Check out the rest of the set on her blog Sweet Mellie Rose.

Really random side note: Spell check told me I spelled “technique” wrong, and so it suggested “doorknocker” instead. What the waaaa? Have you been drinking, spell check?

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  1. hahahaha!!! my hubs and i LOVE pure country! it’s one of our favorites!!! not legitimately, but because of the crap factor. leslie ann warren, you’re such a hussy!

  2. I Love that Fabulous Transformation, I saw a pc. similar at Hobby Lobby & feel in love with the different tones on the drawers ~ Love It!

  3. Your blogg makes me happy happy happy! Love it!


  4. That title is hilarious! I love the color palette of the dresser, it looks great!

  5. I think you should just use the word ‘doorknocker’ in place of ‘technique’ from now on. Start a trend. For serious…that made me laugh so hard..and the dresser is amazing. Thanks.

  6. Oh my gosh I totally went through that exact country phase when I was 16! When you hear twin fiddles and a steel guitar…

  7. oooooohh I like that!

  8. Yeah, but did you have red Justin cowboy boots that you wore with black wranglers? No? Ummm… me either…

    At least the dresser is gorgeous!


  10. LOL….I live in Texas and Wranglers are still popular! Just go to a rodeo and see!
    Love the dresser and it is rather funny that we distress and age our furniture to “update” it….never thought of that before!

  11. JC: … you’re listening to the sound of the American hearrrrrt!

    and no, I never actually GOT the Wranglers. I think my mom realized that my country craze wasn’t going to last…

  12. could have been wranglers, could have been rocky mountain jeans… just sayin’…

  13. love the dresser, but love ur humor even more than the b/a pics. keeps me coming back for more.

    ps – yep. it was the summer of ’93 for me. hee haw.

  14. The title of this post is so funny. Love your sense of humor.
    I’m not loving destressed furniture though, but I keep coming back for more b/a. Mostly because you make my day.

  15. love it!

  16. And……this is why I love your blog. You crack me up!

    Thanks for the feature!!


  17. I Cross My Heart … that I own 4 pairs of boots (including red lizard boots) and at least 10 pairs of Wranglers 🙂 I live in the Texas Hill Country so it’s pretty much a given. Funny story (to our family at least) about George Strait – my SIL is Long Island born and raised, but fell in love with Texas and country music after marrying my brother (24 years ago!) and moving to San Antonio. She found out that George had frequented a Jim’s Coffee Shop near their house, usually arriving very early in the morning (5am ish). She went there every morning for a while until she finally saw him. I asked her what she said to him – her answer “I didn’t talk to him, I just wanted to look at him.” She said all the customers and employees gave him his peace and privacy, which is nice.

    Thanks for a fabulous blog – great Befores/Afters, and you have a wonderful sense of humor!


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