Mad for Mod

Don’t be scurred to paint mid-century modern furniture. Sure, the style lends itself to sleekness and simplicity, but if it’s warped and rocking water stains, and you just feel like painting it apple green, well … I won’t tell.

I think this makeover by Hannah is spot on. Bright and happy, but still in keeping with the streamlined feel of the original look. If she had covered it in modge-podge and scrapbook paper and screwed in big crystal knobs, I might have choked on my cereal a little bit. But this is perfecto! Check it out on her blog A Handmade Childhood.

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  1. I lurve this make over. Great colours.

  2. Really cute! Love the two-color look.

  3. That is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Love the way the paint job highlights the gorgeous lines of this piece. She did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing.

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