Hungary for more?

Ok, so these old drawers on the left didn’t look like they had too much in common with the shelves on the right. Other than their general size. And proportions. And color. And usefulness as instruments of storage.

So, really it wasn’t THAT crazy of a stretch to put the two and two together, but it’s still more than my brain could have ever squirted out. My brain is still gazing at the background wall in the after picture, a puddle of drool slowly forming.

From Kata at Kicsi Haz, which if my Hungarian is up to speed means either “Karate House!” or “Small House.” But you know … either way.

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  1. i have to admit. i did not see that coming:) good job tho!!!

  2. The cabinet is beautiful, but seriously that wall and mirror are just gorgeous!

  3. Brilliant! Love love the wall.

  4. Pretty amazing…
    I am with everyone else… That Wall! That Wall! That Wall!

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