Floral Girls

Are you ready to check out some fun and flirty floral furniture?  Can furniture be flirty?  You bet your britches it can.  Check out this chair from Carol Anne at Use the Good Dishes; it is positively coquettish!  Look at all of its little scrolls and scallops and curves. It’s even extra saucy with a fresh coat of paint and new upholstery. This chair is trying to put the moves on me!



I honestly never understood the purpose of nesting tables.  Under what circumstance would you say, “Ok, so what I need is a table.  But what if … underneath that table was another table?  And under that table was ANOTHER table! And both of those tables were slightly smaller in size than the original table?!  I could whip them out at my next party and impress all my guests who are probably thinking that I have only ONE table, but NO, I have THREE tables, count’em, THREE tables!  And after that I would push them back together, because they’d probably be in everyone’s way at the party.” 


Well, whatever, because these tables are nothing but sweet and styling and they are totally invited to my next party, and they come from Heidi at The Painting Paint Shop.



Next, here is a settee that got de-flowered.  Oh, ew.  Not like that, you perv!  In this case, the florals were sent packing in exchange for a fresher look, hand script fabric!  So pretty. From Karryann at Gracefully Vintage.


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  1. Those tables are beautiful!! I want them! Lovin’ the love seat too 😀

  2. I love them all! So pretty!!

  3. Okay I have been reading for about 6 weeks now, I laugh at almost everything you post, but this, this is my favorite. It’s the best and so so true. I talking about the tables. They are amazing afterwards though

  4. I love,love your blog. i look at it everyday. but, today the painting paint shop took me to ‘use the good dishes’ instead. I would like to see how those tables were done?

  5. I love that you just used “coquettish”

    Now that’s a word that needs more use in our language!

  6. Thanks Owens, LandM! Link has been fixed! 🙂

  7. Thank you for posting one of my lil re-do.s One of my favs.. ive done.
    Those tables are lovely.

  8. Oh my goodness, I love all of those things so much!

    Love your blog!

  9. Thank you for featuring my chair! ….but I have to admit, I’m really impressed by those nesting tables! Gorgeous!

  10. Everything is so beautiful!!!..I want them all 🙂

  11. Love it all. So inspired every time I read this blog and see all of these amazing after pictures.

  12. I think that’s such a clever idea to paint each nesting table a different hue – pretty, pretty, pretty!

  13. wow wow wow – love your blog hun – and your makeovers – esp love the 3 coloured tables – fabulous and so inspirational! Now wheres my paint brush gone!!!!!

  14. nesting tables are great for put your laptop on the top one and a drink on the shortest one. you won’t spill the drink on the laptop unless you’re completely drunk… in which case, why are you trying to use a laptop?

  15. holy smokes these are gorgeous and fun! Love the blue chair and the nesting tables are amazing!!!

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