File Away

File Away

I’ve been s-l-o-w in getting after it today. For some reason I got into this OCD cleaning frenzy and have spent the entire day scrubbing my baseboards with a toothbrush. Sorry that your life isn’t as cool as mine.

But here’s something that’s cool, a chair makeover with PAINT! You heard me, Kristy painted right over the worn upholstery on this chair! I think it looks gorgeous. And don’t you worry, it isn’t crunchy. I imagined the chair would have a texture suitable for filing your nails while you sat in it, but she reports that that isn’t the case. (Darn it. Would have been handy…)

Anyway, she gives you the whole step by step process on her blog Hyphen Interiors. Check-ch-check it out!



  1. May 18, 2011 / 11:35 PM

    Ummm Can you do mine when you’re finished with yours? Please…..

    Love this chair! The pillow is amazing too. I am loving the geometric designs that I have been seeing in Blogland lately.

  2. May 19, 2011 / 2:25 AM

    Oh My! I just found your blog and it is delightful!!! Newest follower….and I’m sure you’ll be getting a couple B & A’s from me.
    Thanks for your blog!!

  3. May 19, 2011 / 4:05 AM

    I’ve done this with cane chair seats that could not be removed, nor easily recovered. The key to success-and Kristy’s blue chair is very impressive-is to use paste wax over the latex paint in order to keep it from being ‘crunchy.’ Then seal it with matte, or shiny, varnish. Just have fun with it. Necessity is often the best invention.

  4. May 19, 2011 / 3:20 PM

    What an awesome surprise today! Thank you so much for posting about my chair on your fabulous site!!

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