El Capitan

Better After reader Erika’s dining room took a little journey, and it all started with these great chairs for her living room. Cool lines, sturdy shape and eight bucks each! And not a rat infestation in sight!

So she jazzed up a couple and set them out.

But then she had a few captain’s chairs (the one’s with arms) and thought, “Why not fix these guys up and replace my dining room chairs too?” So she did!

THEN, everything else at the table looked a little shabby in comparison, so she repainted the chairs, made a new top for the table and stained the legs. Dang, I feel proud of myself in the kitchen when I make a salad that doesn’t come from a bag.

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  1. Great!!!!I love them!!!

  2. I know that tag…. from DI

  3. good work

  4. Very impressive!

  5. Wow, this looks fabulous! I love the pic where you can see the whole dining room since the entire thing is GAWGEOUS!

  6. Salad doesn’t come from a bag?


  7. Okay… So I am redoing a wooden chair that is similar to the style of the ones in this post. But I have a few questions… Firstly, where do I go about buying the fabric used for the seat or back? Is it just regular fabric?
    Also, my chair didn’t come with the wooden “seat” that goes in the middle, so just the frame I guess you would say. Can I replace that?

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