Dying For a Change

I may have told you before about how these dark, overly ornate chests remind me of coffins. It’s like a vampire might pop out of there at any second, and not the hunky Cullen variety. Crreeepy
But with a little two-tone turquoise on white action and some polishing up of the handles, this $20 Craigslist now makes for a great statement piece, a statement that no longer says, “Hey, you could store bodies in here!” Check it out on the blog My Beautiful Life.

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  1. Just darling!

  2. Oh wow! That is gorgeous.

  3. oh so much better! Looks beautiful now.

  4. Forgive my language…but SHIT WOW! That is just amazing. I am so following this blog 🙂

  5. wow that looks so awesome! And you’re so right about the dark fancy wood looking like coffins, i hate it!

  6. Oh, my! The details are so much more visible now! And not at all scary–as they were in their original condition! Kudos for your decorating vision!

  7. Very nice! You are so creative. I think I would have just avoided the piece, thinking it would always be creepy.

  8. Wow, that’s a huge change! It looks fantstic now.

  9. Love. That. What a change!!!

  10. I have this exact dresser, and the matching headboard and vanity! (from my grandparents) I can’t wait to spruce them up.

  11. CUTE!!!!!!!!

  12. This is awesome!

  13. It looks positively pretty now – – – almost regal!

  14. Oh my goodness! This totally cracked me up. I have been so busy this week with my two little boys. I thought it was time to check my neglected little blog, and saw almost 200 hits from your blog. Thank you so much for posting this! Oh, and in other news-getting it upstairs was a bear. While pulling out the drawers to help lighten the load the bottom handle just snapped in half like a twig. Can’t really be too surprised since it was $20… nothing a little gorilla glue can’t fix.

    Thanks again Lindsey!!!

  15. WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! This is just fabulous!!!
    I like the ornate for this same type of makeover, but this one is far better than mine ever end up.
    Perhaps I especially love it because this teal color is my new favorite.

  16. I’ve been looking through a lot of the blog, and it’s amazing how often ornate things like this look better in white, where you can actually appreciate all the details and shadows.

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