Darlin Darlene

Darlin Darlene

Darlene’s bedroom had needed an update for so long, it was probably about to come back in style. No, I don’t think orangey oak and muted teals are coming back into style anytime soon. Floofy curtains, maybe. Ok, no.

So, get this. She went out and BOUGHT new furniture! Whaaaaat? I know! She didn’t salvage junk from a yard sale? Or build new stuff out of old fence posts and milk crates? Or chip food crusties off of some thrift store bargain and repaint it? What is she, CRAZY? Well, she did recover a brown leather insert in the headboard with linen, and she threw on an pillow in the shape of an ice-skate. I just can’t help loving that.

Check out her blog Our Creative Life for tons more pictures and details, and some super cool surprises too, like what the heck is going on under her bed?



  1. May 16, 2011 / 3:44 PM

    The link to her blog is missing the ‘h’ in http. 🙂

  2. May 16, 2011 / 3:55 PM

    Gorgeous re-do! I love the rug, the bamboo blind, beadboard ceiling and especially the paint color! I wonder if it’s Glidden’s Wood Smoke? It looks a lot like it, and I’m currently in LOVE with that color!

    Beautiful! 🙂

  3. May 16, 2011 / 4:53 PM

    Love that room – but those lights under the bed…wasn’t there a horror movie with light coming out from under a bed? Poltergeist, or something like that? Anyway, that part kinda creeps out the little kid in me 🙂

  4. May 16, 2011 / 5:52 PM

    Amazing transformation

  5. May 16, 2011 / 8:41 PM

    A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! So glad I found this! I love before and after shots!!

  6. May 16, 2011 / 9:13 PM

    What a transformation! Gorgeous.
    Have a pretty day!

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