Cow Flippin

Are you in the mood for something quirky? If not, look away! Because this post is about a cow skull makeover! Don’t be alarmed, I’m pretty sure this is a fake cow skull, unless it is an unknown species of very, very tiny cows, but I think we are safe. That would be some tender beef though…

Hey, did I ever tell you about that one time I stayed at a hotel in Camp Verde, AZ, and there was a definitely NOT FAKE cow skull on the wall, teeth and little sprouts of hair and everything? And I couldn’t sleep with that thing looking at me, so I hung a towel over it? And it was still bothering me, so I took it off the wall and hid it under the sink? This thing is way cuter.

From M.D. at The Fancy Pants. Take some time to poke around, she’s got a few more funky finds over there!

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  1. This reminds me of a fascinating place on the ranch I grew up on…the boneyard. It was scary and educational.

  2. thanks for the shout out!

  3. you are welcome! sorry about the itsy bitsy pictures, but blogger is being a loser as usual, and won’t let me fix them, no matter what I do!

  4. Hey guess what? I’m FROM Camp Verde. Well, I was born in Round Valley but I got some of my worst memories in Camp Verde growing up. Sniff sniff.

    People still decorate with all sorts of poorly preserved animals there. It must be some their way of keeping out the city folk.

  5. I love any art piece with a little white spray paint but I must say I especially love that purple frame in the background!

  6. i like it!


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