Map it Out

Map it Out

Suesan from FrouFruGal got this settee from a garage sale for $20. This story could stop right there and I would be impressed. But no, she went and hand-drew a map of the United States on it and marked with the dates and birthplaces of her ancestors. Overachiever alert!

Head over to her blog to check out her backside, it’s equally impressive. (I’m talking about the settee, but you knew that, right?)

Thanks Suesan, great job!



  1. April 21, 2011 / 10:11 PM

    I think this will now be considered a family heirloom! Awesome!!!

  2. April 21, 2011 / 10:56 PM

    Thank you, Lindsey, for the feature. I have to say, I truly love my backside. I need to find a way to float this settee so I can see all sides of it.

  3. April 22, 2011 / 3:26 AM

    It’s RUINED!!!!! What happened?! Who hand-drew all over this gorgeous couch!?!? I am seriously devastated!

  4. April 23, 2011 / 2:15 AM

    This is fantastic! I’d be way too scared too sit on it though. It’s like a piece of art!

  5. April 25, 2011 / 5:50 PM

    I can’t get enough of this piece. I aggressively love it!

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