Dressers at Tiffany’s

This regal little chest of drawers had been disgraced by years of wear and tear and a sad little patch of Lisa Frank stickers. (This is why I refuse to allow stickers in my house. Call me a mean mom, I don’t care. I’m still trying to remove a giant snowman sticker on my bathroom vanity from the previous owners, and we’ve been here over 2 years).

Mallory discovered the chest by the side of the road, heaved it into the back of her truck while wearing her church shoes, and took it home to give it a coat of the classiest of all colors, Tiffany Blue (actually Ocean Breeze by Krylon, next best thing) Don’t you love the metallic pearl distressing peeking through? I do! Check it out on her blog Classy Clutter.

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  1. Oh gorgeous!! If the previous owners saw it now they would be like, “um I need my dresser back now please.”

  2. That’s it!!! The perfect color I need to redo a vintage dressing table in. Oh wowzer! The silver trim is perfect.

  3. beautiful! i recently repainted a dresser the same colour and had to peel off a bunch of holographic peace sign stickers before i did so… sparkly peace signs? really?

  4. I LOVE it! That is my favorite color ever! I just did my girl cave walls in that color!

  5. What a lucky find! Love it!

  6. Oh wow! That’s beautiful! Now I want to paint something that color 🙂
    I’m a new follower, and I’m soooo looking forward to reading through your blog.

  7. Oh my heck! I totally forgot about Lisa Frank stickers 🙂

    This turned out to be beautiful!

  8. That is so beautiful! How come I never find furniture on the side of the road? Probably because in Oregon it would be totally waterlogged from rain by the time I found it.

    I’ve been wanting to paint my dresser turquoise! Summer (spray paint weather) hurry up!

  9. For your two-year old sticker problem, have you tried “Goo-gone” on it. Let the solution sit for a little while first and then try to get it off. Good-luck if you try it.

  10. You don’t allow stickers? Wow, that’s harsh. You probably don’t have a TV and make your girls wear long sleeve gingham puffed sleeve dresses too, huh?

  11. THIS is the perfect color!

    I’m with ya on the stickers, but we have a mantra in our home: “Where do stickers go?” “ON PAPER!”

    What I don’t allow is playdough. Ever. Anywhere. We are done with that shiznitt.

  12. I agree with Katrina above about Goo Gone. Just the other day I was using that stuff to easily remove a product label off a reusable container, you know one of those commercially applied nasty labels, and thinking to myself…this product is so awesome…who am I going to tell about it? It removes all the stick and leaves nothing behind except the smell of citrus.

  13. I also love UN-DU adhesive removers. You can even use it to get stickers off of paper thins and the paper isn’t harmed…

  14. What a great color combination! That silver just pops so nicely!

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