Yeah, he caught my eye…

I saw it on a Thursday and my heart stood still,

Chachevronronron, chachevronron!

(I should probably clarify that I’m not having a stroke, I’m just inventing my own lyrics to Da Doo Ron Ron, by the Crystals).

But my heart really did stand still when I spied those fine looking chevrons from Ann Marie at Twice Lovely. I just had to burst into chevron-inspired song! Love this.


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  1. Thanks for the feature, my dear!! :)

  2. Ok seriously freaking out over this!!!

  3. yep, perfection!

    I love how she has the top drawer different. Very cool!

  4. Love this! I HAVE to try it on a cabinet I have sitting outside collecting dust. :)

  5. Absolutely perfect! Love the muted colors and the bold pattern!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous transformation!!!

  7. Hey, that’s funny. Me and her are both doing a barn sale next weekend and you featured us back to back! I do really love this piece too. It caught my eye looking at their site.

  8. i love this! especially love that the top was refinished wood. what a glorious tribute to it’s past!

  9. It turned out beautiful! :)

  10. It turned out beautiful! :)

  11. Love what you have done to this dresser and I’m enjoying your blog!


  12. The dresser is awesome….so was my Shaun Cassidy flashback.

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