Total Wack-job

Upholstery is not my strong point, so I sense a kindred spirit in whoever previously owned Rene’s uggo chair here. Note the green plaid arm rests? They either started there and decided “Screw this shizness” ten minutes in, or never planned to reupholster the whole thing at all, just found a fabric that kinda sorta matched, slapped it over the bare spots and called it a day.

Rene’s solution was equally as appealing to the lazy upholsterphobe inside of me: paint! Apparently there’s some textile medium out there that allows you to paint fabric, eventually giving it an easy-to-clean vinyl-like texture. She liked it so much she did it two more times! Count me in. More info on her blog Paddywack Designs. Thanks Rene!

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  1. NO WAY! Is that the same chair?? That’s Amazing! Does it feel weird to sit in it? Like itchy or anything??


  2. Wow! That’s a very big difference. Great job! Is that second chair painted or is the fabric just the same texture?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. Thanks for the post. All the chair’s are just painted I just add a textile medium (find it by the craft paints at Joanns) to the paint and paint away… from my experience it works best on fabrics that are polyster…feels almost like a vinyl, it’s not really uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t paint my couch. (:

  4. Love those chairs!

  5. Wow they look amazing what a difference (& you say this isnt your strong point- REALLY are you kidding they are fantastic). I am about to try upholstering an old chair I had as a child never done it before Im a bit scared, would you mind having a look at the ideas I have just posted on my blog & tell me what you think. I want to get it right as its been in my family for many years & I want to get it right Id love your opinion

  6. Thank for this info. I have some fug chairs that paint would fix perfectly!

  7. man that Rene sure is rad!

  8. I don’t get it…Those chairs are PAINTED?

  9. I recently painted upholstery too! Check out my wing back chair.

    I love these – especially the numbers on the chairs!!

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