Too Cool for School

A pretend conversation:

Me: “Hi Brittany! What are you up to?”

Brittany: “Just redoing this orange chair!”

Me: “It looks like you stole that from my junior high. It’s literally ‘old-school!’ Ha, I crack myself up sometimes. Well, good luck with that, but to be honest, there’s no way a simple coat of paint will make that grungy old thing look stylish.”

–25 seconds later–

Me: “Wow, that looks totally rad.”

Brittany: “I know. You can see more on my blog All Together Now.”


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  1. hahaha, you crack me up too. thanks for having me! wahoo look at me, i’m on better after!

  2. Hooray, spray paint! That rocks.

  3. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing

  4. Super Cool!

  5. Wow, love the transformation, who knew an old looking school chair could look like that…

  6. I just ran across this blog and I’m addicted! I tried to paint my table top last summer but it seems to want to chip off really easy, any good suggestions for books or even any hints of your own?

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