Spare some change?

Do you know some dear sweet soul who, bless her heart, hasn’t changed her decor one whit in the last 30 years? I know someone like that, only it’s not her decor, it’s her hairstyle. Yeeps. I’ve essentially had the same hairstyle since 5th grade, so I understand, but still … this woman looks like she’s wearing a family of exceptionally fluffy hedgehogs on her head. No. Joke. I’d love to suggest something new, but I think she’s pretty committed to this look. Still, change is good!

Laura from Finding Home had a client who’s living room had been the same since the 80’s! She was ready for a change, and Laura, who clearly knows what the heck she’s doing, delivered a beautiful room. Even just changing the furniture configuration made a huge difference. Check out her blog for some professional tips! Thanks Laura!


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  1. so much better!

  2. Wow! It looks so classy! Did they recover the furniture? Those pieces are just timeless now!

  3. I love that the rooms feel similar, even though the after is much more up-to-date. I bet the home owner was extremely happy.

  4. Definitely time for a change! And the change was fantastic one.

    The new room is so beautiful and shabby chic 🙂

  5. Well done! It’s the equivalent of getting rid of the Rachel from Friends hairstyle.

  6. Thanks so much for the feature! More rooms to come! Take care, Laura

  7. Welcome Modern World. Looks Fab.

  8. Kiss those 80’s goodbye now.

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