Lights in the Heights

Don’t blame it on the sunshine! Don’t blame it on the moonlight! Don’t blame it on the good times! Blame it on the BOOGIE! That is my favorite song by The Jacksons, and I am blasting it loud and proud this fine morning. A good way to start the day for sure. Also, some lighting redos are sure to light up your day too! Ha! So lame, sorry.

First, a chandelier redo from Brandi at Brandi Nell the Southern Belle. She liked the original crackled finish, but sprayed the brassy parts in a deep red and wrapped the candle sticks in jute! I love the little round bulbs too, a fun twist!

And how many of us would have passed this duck-embossed monstrosity by? Probably 99% of us. The other 1% would be Julie, who wasn’t fazed by the swampy scene and fell for the shape of the lamp and the wooden base instead. So she spray painted the brassy base, left the wood as-is, and what about the ducks? She just spun them around to face the wall! Smarty pants.

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  1. That chandy is fabulous and whimsical! Love! Nice lamp re-do too.
    Thank you for finding these great projects for us.

  2. OMG! Brandi Nelle is one of my blog bffs! I’m so excited to see one of her projects on this site! She rocks and so do you! xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me! Love the other project too! Such an ugly lamp is so cute now!


  4. love the lamp…great find and pretty redo…thanks for sharing.


    stuff and nonsense

  5. Both were quite ugly to start with but they rock now! That chandalier is gorgeous and so much more interesting.
    By the way, if you’re into “spooky” stories, check out my latest post

    Megs 🙂

  6. Hard to see the redeeming qualities, but now they look great!

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