Exhume the Bathroom

I just … don’t know what to be most concerned about here. The duct tape holding the tub together? The lack of a sink which brings about a subsequent lack of handwashing? The gaping portal to hell in lieu of a mirror? The peach paint?

I don’t know, but I felt my eyes breathe tiny little sighs of relief when they gazed upon the happily updated after.

From Better After reader Janet who says “I feel like I am entering another dimension when I go in our new bathroom now!” AMEN.

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  1. Love the new paint color!
    What a transformation!

  2. Totally wow! Sadly my bathroom looks worse than the before picture. I just hope I can do such a good transformation.

  3. That wall color is gorgeous!

  4. No way! This is so inspiring! I bathroom isn’t *quite* that bad so it’s definitely good to see that a beautiful after is possible.

  5. Wow, Janet did a fantastic job! The colors are so clean and bright. Reminds me of a spa.

  6. lol…. portal to hell.
    quite a transformation! looks great!!

  7. I NEED to know where she got that shower curtain!?!

  8. The shower curtain is GORGEOUS!!!

  9. LOVE the colors. The white and turquoise are brilliant! If only my husband liked that color we would have a bathroom like this. He thinks that color looks like “paint bucket throw up”.

  10. OH MY that was a rough Before! Gorgeous After!

  11. That description was hilarious and had me laughing out loud!

    Good for them….it IS another dimension!
    (the germ-free one!)

  12. Wow, this wasn’t a transformation, this was a MIRACLE! 🙂

  13. I’m with Ellen on this one, where did you get the shower curtain? I LOVE it!

  14. wouldlove to know where the shower curtian came from too!!! and the name/brand of the paint color!
    Looks great.

  15. I have the exact same shower curtain – it really defines my bathroom – whether it’s my bathroom at home or my dorm bathroom. 🙂
    I got mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond a few months ago. Maybe they still carry it?

  16. here is the shower curtain….bed bath and beyond…


    i want this too!!!!


  17. Hoppin on over on Sunday morning from Az. and MMBCreations Blog Hop, and look forward to hopping into you again sometime soon.


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  18. Lovely…I know her Joy!

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