Clockin’ In

Sarah from Hennessey House found this funky old starburst clock and turned it into a starburst mirror! While I think it’s super-duper cute and I love the new colors, I do hope she kept the old clock face, because I have a little bit of a thing for clock faces. The other day I saw a picture from a flea market of a whole big bin full of clock faces and I almost burst into tears with love for them. I maybe … should see someone about this. Not normal.


But wait! Sarah didn’t stop there. She made ANOTHER mirror from a clock! Ack, roman numeral clock face!!! I love youuuuu! Ahem. Sorry. I do think this mirror is super cute too, like a fancy snowflake, and it looks so pretty against that deep turquoise wall. See it HERE. Thanks Sarah!

(this is a subliminal message:…. you want to send me your old clock faces and you also don’t think I am weird … )


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  1. yayayay! thanks so much for linkin up to my blog and for featuring my clocks :) if i would have known you liked clock faces, i would have saved these!! :) maybe next time…
    take care lindsey!!

  2. Amazing!! Simply amazing!! I will be on the look out!

  3. LOVE Sarah and her blog and have for a long time. It was fun to see her projects here:)

  4. I would’ve loved to see the second one kept as a clock, but white. They look really good!

  5. I would’ve loved the first one unpainted but with a mirror.

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