Babies ain’t cheap…or are they?

Babies ain’t cheap…or are they?

Did you watch Dr. Phil yesterday? I happened to tune in for a few minutes, and the topic du jour was “OVERSEXED AND UNDER PROTECTED!!!” Sorry, that’s kind of a scary headline to attack you with so early in the morning, but that’s what Dr. Phil was trying to do. He was trying to scare these promiscuous men into realizing that their actions could have pricey consequences.

Literally. He took them shopping to show them how much a baby and all their gear really costs. And the whole time all I could think was…”A brand new bassinet for $150? Haven’t you heard of Craigslist Dr. Phil???”

Not that I’m advocating oversexing and underprotecting. But I am advocating saving money on baby stuff! Here’s a few ideas for inspiration:

Doll up a $20 ottoman like Better After reader Shannon did by poofing it up with a pillow and adding cute fabric to match the rest of the room!

Rescue an antique high-chair with striped Heather Bailey fabric and a colorful coat of paint! From Jayme at Finding Sweet. (She paid $3 for this chair!)

Or save your $150 and use it for a complete room overhaul like Erin did here when she needed to change out her girly nursery for an impending boy! Take that Dr. Phil! Lot’s more pics of this modern rustic room on her blog Team Southards.



  1. March 4, 2011 / 4:07 PM

    LMAO! This post made my morning. So wished I would have seen that Dr Phil show! When is it on? Thanks for the laugh

    Great before and afters too

    Especially love the nursery. That dark color is hard to pull of, but she most certainly did it!

  2. March 4, 2011 / 5:26 PM

    That nusery is AWESOME! I love the before, and the after is stunning!

  3. March 4, 2011 / 6:06 PM

    I’m so depressed I missed such an educational gold mine. I think this was your best lead-in ever.

  4. March 4, 2011 / 6:26 PM

    You crack me up!! You are the Ellen DeGeneres of the blog world. I always look forward to your post…they are a relief of comedy in my otherwise normal day!

  5. March 4, 2011 / 8:16 PM

    You’re getting so edgy Lynz!

  6. March 4, 2011 / 8:35 PM

    there is one problem- the older high chairs were discontinued for safty reasons. I’d want to check that out before using or taking the time to redo.

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