Autumn’s Living Room

It’s spring break around these parts, so I’m taking the week off! But since you were kind enough to stop by (thank you!), please enjoy a little jaunt through the archives this week: 
Originally posted December 18, 2009


This is what happens when an interior designer marries a contractor. This is the part when I bemoan the fact that my husband is better suited for fantasy football than building me a coffered ceiling. Sigh. 

Check out the whole transformation on Autumn’s blog, Design*Dump. Thanks Autumn, it’s simply amazing!

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  1. What a transformation- Love the ceiling, what a nice touch.. Great Job…
    THanks for Sharing such Inspiration

  2. Love it, so gorgeous!

  3. Well, this just inspired me to go back and look at ALL of your archives! Wow. Not only are the projects impressive, but YOU’VE come a long way, baby! Your blog has progressed so nicely!

  4. Love the ceiling!!!

  5. Holy Moly…. thats awesome! My husband is a builder so I hope one day we can do stuff like this to our house!

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. AMAAAAAAAAAZING… and LOL at the Fantasy Football comment- I can feel your pain!

  8. Amazing..the girl turns into a palm tree!
    Seriously, the ceiling is divine, and the room is a home run!

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