Kool with a K

Normally I am not fond of super bright colors, my inner beige-queen clutches her pearls and gets a migraine. But how cute is this nursery? Ah love it, ah love it, ah love it! (read that with a Mary Katherine Gallagher voice).

It all comes down to value. Not as in, you know, a measurement of quality, but color value. Where a color falls on the scale between Intensely Obnoxious and Faintly Colorlike. I’d say this lovely lime Lyndsay chose for her baby’s nursery is Just Right. Bright and cheerful without causing corneal burns. Everybody wins! See it on her blog Pink Coffee Photo.

Also, tutorial on the cool DIY artwork over the crib can be found HERE. (Don’t fret, it’s screwed directly into the wall!)

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  1. I love it, especially the artwork. That’s awesome.

  2. That IS adorable!

  3. mmmm – I want a bowl of lime sherbet now. That is a perfect color!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seriously LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!

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