Color Coordinate

Laura at The Happy Homemaker was forced to redo her laundry room when her in-laws gifted her with their old (yet still super new) washer and dryer. Gee, what a nice problem to have!

She went lighter with the paint, added cabinets and a showstopping backsplash that not only extends up the whole wall, but coordinates perfectly with the appliances! I would be thrilled if my appliances even coordinated with each other…

Great job Laura!

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  1. A nice refresh! Makes the space seem a look bigger than it used to be. That’s a great choice of backsplash, too!

  2. That’s it, I need to in-laws….are they adopting?

  3. Oh so pretty!

  4. Oh so pretty!

  5. Love it! but my fave is that board that covers up her sink – all the benefits of a sink without loosing the counter/folding space!

  6. I love this space…so LOFT like. Great job!

  7. I’m always so jealous of the laundry room makeovers!! I want an awesome one!

  8. Wow, that tile is gorgeous! Love the sink, too 🙂

  9. Yes, having in-laws like that must be horrible! lol

    Great laundry room.

  10. Forgive me but I actually said, “Holy Crap” out loud when I saw the after. You rock – what a gorgeous laundry room. Nicely done!

  11. Oh my goodness. This is gorgeous. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  12. Very Nice

  13. Yowza! This is fabulous. Nicer than my kitchen, for sure!

  14. where did the window go on the after??

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