Bambi Better

Remember yesterday how I was all, “Don’t change the original hardware, blah blah blah?” Well … Bambi changed her dresser’s hardware here and I think it looks pretty cool. Those former handles looked like squashed bugs. Also lovin‘ the craft paper on the drawers; it makes the whole piece edgy and interesting instead of so boring I think I fell asleep looking at it.

See more on her blog Crafting Occurs.

Thanks Bambi!

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  1. I didn’t say anything yesterday, but I totally think that on non antique furniture, more often than not the hardware needs to be changed out!

    We should make a totally not hard and fast rule: if it’s stupid hardware, CHANGE IT PEOPLE!!

  2. I’m normally not a paint on wood kind of person, but I love the new look (and the new hardware!).

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