Stick Around

Trends that I hope continue to stick around in 2011 because I love them so: 
– Limed wood 
– Turquoise 
– Grey 
– Starburst Mirrors 
– Chandeliers 
– Horizontal Stripes
All Megan’s new foyer needs is a chandelier, and I might invite myself over and never leave! Check it out on her blog Miss Madison’s Charmed Life.

What about you? What trends do you hope outlive “trend” status? Any that you’d like to see take a hike? Tell me, tell me!

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  1. Fab redo!! I hope, hope, hope turquoise sticks around!

  2. I love the after, but I would just add a black simple chandelier, and I would paint the trim around the glass in the doorway, black to tie it all together. Also I would replace the little mat with something more classic and turquoise 🙂

    Oh I love stripes of course… I just want to see more color and more grey this year!!

  3. Wow, thanks for the feature!! You totally made my week 🙂 I agree about the turquoise, grey and stripes. LOVE <3 I'm on the hunt for a chandelier, no worries!

  4. i think it’s mostly gone, but i absolutely can not STAND the accent wall. especially the red accent wall. no offense, anyone with a red accent wall.

  5. silhouettes, florals, mustaches, embroidery hoops with fabric, mustard yellow. maybe these things weren’t even cool in 2010 but i do adore them all.

  6. What a great job on those stripes. I hope gray and horiz. stripes stay “in”, too!

  7. I guess I would have to say I have seen enough floofy wreaths to last a while. Maybe fewer floofy wreaths. And turquoise forever!

  8. Yes, please paint the gold around the door and get rid of that foofy rug! It doesn’t go with the other cool stuff.

  9. Oh Yay!! I’m a fan of Miss Madison’s Mommy.
    She’s one of my favorites!!

    Good Job Megan

  10. We must be on the same wavelength this week because I posted my design “rant” on Monday! Check it out at

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