Setting the Stage

I’m no real estate expert, but I’d bet that staging your home is one of the most important things you should do when trying to sell. I once had a friend trying to sell a beautiful, almost brand new home in a great community. She had no bites until she switcherood some furniture that she already had around and created “dedicated” spaces. The house was sold within weeks, nay, days! Even if you aren’t moving, just clearing out the clutter can make your home feel more homey, homie.

Rita here de-cluttered and staged just about every room in her house. She also wrote a really introspective post about the whole process which I quite enjoyed! Check it out on her blog The Intertidal Years.

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  1. That’s….wow.

  2. wow, that’s amazing!

  3. I still remember decluttering and power-cleaning our first house to sell it. When I was finished, my husband and I looked at each other and asked, “Why are we moving?” To this day, when I’m feeling unsatisfied with my house, I clean and declutter as if it’s going on the market in three days. Then I fall in love with it all over

  4. Wow. I love transformations that don’t involve anything new!
    I loved this post so much, I decided to do it myself. I de-cluttered and staged my living room for just 15 minutes, and what a change! (See it here: )
    Love the blog!

  5. LOVE staging! So glad you posted this. Can’t wait to go read her blog for more.

    Have you ever watched the episodes of The Stagers at They’re very fun!

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