I’m not trying to scare you away with this big lion face in your face. It’s part of a really imaginative makeover of a fairly commonplace dresser. (I think this is the third one just like it that I’ve featured in a week!)
Just scrolly-scroll down and see how Catherine combined the two into one fabulous piece! For a more detailed description of how this dresser came to be, (because all I can come up with is “Woah!”) check out her blog Freddy and Petunia.


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  1. Yowza! That’s pretty darned fantastic!

  2. Very impressive!

  3. Oh my word, very impressive. What a beautiful piece!

  4. Wow is all I can say! WOW!

  5. I have to say that even though that dresser has been featured several times, I still love the shape of it. She however did an outstanding job! Love it!

  6. Love it! What great vision to be able to see how the two pieces would make one great hutch.

  7. i’m at a loss, that is wicked cool. love it.

  8. I dream about something like this!!! Ag

  9. Covet, covet, covet. Repent. Covet, covet covet.

  10. Are you serious? Is that really the same dresser? I can’t believe it. It’s an illusion.

  11. Awesome! I like it.

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