Karen Hetzer Artworks and GIVEAWAY! (now closed)

Please say hello to our newest sponser here at Better After, the lovely and oh-so-talented

Karen Hetzer!

Karen is an artist based in Lake Worth, FL. When she isn’t busy painting a commissioned mural somewhere, she enjoys focusing her craft on unsuspecting pieces of furniture to fantas-tify. (made up word)





Simply amazing work! Karen began painting fifteen years ago. She is completely self-taught, teaching herself by studying her favorite painters, impressionists, which is evident in her style today.

Her handiwork has been the focal point in restaurants, schools, The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and hundreds of private homes.

She’s the real deal. Not to knock the local mural painters around here, but there is this most horrifying mural in a school nearby of what I think is supposed to be a pack of wolves? And they look like rabid housecats. That got backed over by a truck. And the artists kind of gave up by the time they got to the back legs and there are only a bunch of gray blobs back there.

Anyway, Karen would be having none of that. Her work is so realistic it looks … well, real! I stared at this mural for a while because it really looks like Matthew could bonk his head on that red shutter if he sat up too fast.


See that loooong lovely mural going on back there? That would be Karen’s work, featured in Florida Design magazine.

You can see more from Karen by
Visiting her on her blog

Checking out her portfolio

Shopping around her etsy

Or just stopping in to say hi at her studio/shop on 205 N Federal Hwy, Lake Worth, FL



But wait! We haven’t even mentioned one of her favorite projects: Pet Portraits!

She says, “In the past fifteen years taking on every opportunity to paint, I’ve painted murals for multimillion dollar mansions and I’ve painted urinals in restaurant bathrooms. My favorite though has to be painting these fun, mini pet portraits. When I’m painting them I can’t help but feel the love the owners have for their pets. Studying the faces of the pets over and over again while painting them, you can’t help but feel you know them personally, there’s a connection……its a great feeling.” 

And, get this folks: Karen has offered to paint a free custom pet portrait for one Better After reader! Hoo boy!

Ack, look how cute they are!

If I could win, I would probably have Karen paint a portrait of my dad’s dog Rusty. Rusty is an airdale just like one above, but that one is a little too cheerful to pass. Rusty would be more like warily glaring at you while somehow being bored at the same time. And he has a scar because he likes to fight and he has a missing a tooth because he’s kind of a hillbilly.

Here’s an example below. Karen used the picture on the left for the portrait on the right and she says she can easily change out the background scene to whatever you prefer, just like she did here. You can also find more info on her pet portaits HERE.

I’m so excited, I really think this is such a neat giveaway!

To enter once: Simply leave a comment here. It’s not necessary, but I want to know about the pet you’d choose to have painted!

To enter twice: Visit Karen’s blog and become a follower! (come back and leave another comment letting me know, pretty please)

To enter thrice: Blog or facebook or tweet or whathaveyou and tell your pet-loving friends about the giveaway too! (don’t forget to come back and tell me)

And please don’t forget to leave your email or a way to contact you. Winner will be chosen Monday morning-ish. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow! Karen’s art is amazing! I would love to win this to present as a gift to my hubby. I’d ask her to paint his yellow lab-chow mix, “Toby”. Toby’s getting up there in years and we will be devastated when he passes. This would be a great way to memorialize him!


  2. I love all of her work, it’s amazing! I would ask her to paint a picture of my yorkie Luke 🙂

  3. Those are amazing! I would have a picture of my miniature dachshund, Jasper, painted. He’s 8 years old, and I bought him when he was 6 weeks old when I was stationed in Japan. He has a tumor on the underside of his spine, which fractured his vertebra. So we manage it with pain meds, and when those stop working we’ll have to put him down.

  4. Those are amazing! I would have a picture of my miniature dachshund, Jasper, painted. He’s 8 years old, and I bought him when he was 6 weeks old when I was stationed in Japan. He has a tumor on the underside of his spine, which fractured his vertebra. So we manage it with pain meds, and when those stop working we’ll have to put him down.

  5. Those are amazing! I would have a picture of my miniature dachshund, Jasper, painted. He’s 8 years old, and I bought him when he was 6 weeks old when I was stationed in Japan. He has a tumor on the underside of his spine, which fractured his vertebra. So we manage it with pain meds, and when those stop working we’ll have to put him down.

  6. Karen’s work is fabulous, what amazing talent she has. If I won I would have her paint “The Boys”…my fury babies Gustopher (Golden Retreiver) & Winston (Corgi). They are the center of our world and live the best life I think any pet could. Would love to have that spoiled sweet dog life portrayed in a portrait.


  7. Awww, wow, what beautiful artwork… seriously. I love love love the chest with the boat scene on it.. just stunning!
    If I had the chance to get a pet portrait, it would be of my childhood dog.. and English Springer named Rusty. She was just awesome, and had to be put down due to old age in 1998, just after I moved out and got married. My mom and I still get choked up when we talk about her.

  8. Oh, and I’m following Karen’s blog, too 🙂

  9. I am a follower of Karen’s blog!


  10. Amazing!!! I, like you, had to look hard at a few of those to make sure they weren’t going to move! Anyway, I would love for her to paint my children’s dogs, Rosie & Dixie. They were each given to them as pups and are German Short-haired Pointers.

  11. she is AWESOME! i always wanted to be an artist.. but i just don’t have the patience! if i won this, i would have her paint my puppy, Leonidas. He’s a pitbull/lab mix.. he loves to chew on anything and everything but he is so loving! i’m pregnant, and i swear he can tell because he follows me EVERYWHERE! i can’t leave a room without him right on my heels. i love him to bits! also, i LOVE your blog! i’m completely obsessed. 🙂

  12. Beautiful. I especially love the mural in the circular staircase.

    If I win, I would have to immortalize our pet cat Tachi. He’s an amazingly smart cat – he knows how to open doors, collect phone messages, shake hands and high-five, and many other things. Lately he’s been eyeing the can opener. Heaven help us if he learns how to run that on his own, because then he won’t need us around any more.

  13. also —- i’m a follower of karen!


  14. Wow. The work is amazing! The giveaway is so generous! I would loooove to win, I would have to really think hard because there are so many wonderful pets in my life. Thanks to you both!

  15. I would have her paint a portrait of my cat Otis! I have the perfect photo for her to use!!

  16. Wow, Karen’s painted furniture is very inspiring! What a gifted artist.
    I would love a portrait of our golden lab, Happy Dog, who is 14 & arthritic, & I fear, not long for this world 🙁
    Can you include grief counselling with the giveaway? Cause this family will need it.
    Mrs BC

  17. I would love to have our 14-year old peke painted, and I would give it to my daughter.

  18. What awesome work!
    I would get my little girl Lucy done. She was 12 this Christmas and I would love to have something like this done so I’ll have her forever 😉

  19. Wow! She is a good artist!

    I would want her to paint a picture of my dog Scamp. He lived to be the ripe old age of 14, and he was definitely a member of the family! 🙂

    I also love to read your blog! So many fun ideas!!


  20. I also became a follower of Karen’s blog.

  21. As soon as I saw this, I knew the picture I’d submit if I was chosen… My parents had 2 jack russell terriers… Barnum & Bailey. Bailey will turn 4 next month. Barnum passed away in September after struggling with Adrenal Insufficiency for a year and a half. I don’t see my dad cry often, but I saw him cry after losing his sweet Barnum. We have a beautiful picture of Barnum that would look wonderful turned into a piece of artwork… and I’m sure it would make my dad tear up again.

    clark6703 at earthlink dot net

  22. I’m following Karen’s blog!

    clark6703 at earthlink dot net

  23. I also shared the link on facebook.

  24. Amazing work! She would have a hay day painting a pic of our basset hound, Lola!!!

  25. what a fun giveaway!
    if I won, I’d have her paint a picture of our dog, Monkey.

  26. That is an artist, a God given talent! I would love to win!


  27. That work is just amazing! I loved the staircase art, and the sea scape chest would fit very nicely into my home.
    I am not sure which pet I would have done. I have a loving and evil calico cat named Tokyo. However, I’m just about to adopt a rescue/ abandoned kitten who is likely to be named Cairo.
    Also for consideration is my Pomeranian Nikki that was attacked in my front yard and killed by pitbulls this spring. I miss her every day. She was a rescue too, and the sweetest hearted dog that survived a previously abusive life.

  28. EEEK! I have 2 Westies just like the sample you posted. They NEED their portrait painted!

  29. Wow – what talent! I totally thought the tiny sundress on one of her repainted dressers was real.

    I would love to have her paint a portrait of my husband’s cherished cat, Kitty Girl. She has kidney failure and is deteriorating pretty quickly. A painting would allow him to have a keepsake of her forever, even after she is no longer with us. With his birthday coming up it would be a terrific gift.

  30. Just found your blog, through another blog, that I clicked on from another blog…I love it! What an amazing artist you are featuring. I would have her paint my baby Kioko. She is a lab mix runt the we brought home 3 years ago and she is my heart!

  31. I would love to have a picture painted of my dil’s cat: Lucifer, (Lucy, for short) for her. She would love it!

    Thanks for the giveaway! And thanks for the intro to such a talented artist.

  32. wow. What great work and what an awesome prize! I’d have my baby girl Laney’s portrait painted. She is a 7 yr old mixed breed I adopted from the animal shelter when she was 6 wks old, she was the only puppy from her litter of 9 that survived. She is my best friend.


  33. Very cool contest – I would love to win, but would have an impossibly hard time choosing between my puppy or my hubby’s cat. I am going to save up to buy one indeed!

  34. Oh, and I just became a follower of Ms. Hetzers, she does absolutely amazing work, and being self taught – what an inspiration!

  35. Her work is beautiful. I had to look 3 times to realize the dressers were dressers. I would have her paint my dog Princess who is a Maltese ShiTzu mix.

  36. The dresser with the dress “hanging” on it is amazing.

    I’d never be able to pick between my two Newfoundlands, so Hudson and Rita would have to share the painting!

  37. What a wonderfully talented artist she is! If I won, I would have her do a portrait of my sister’s great dane. Maggie passed away not quite a year ago and is still sorely missed.

  38. I would love to win and have such an amazing artist paint a picture of my furry baby, Maddy! <3 I love her!
    Paula 🙂

  39. I have always been a fan of Karen. She used to post her stuff on muralsplus.com and I always was so blown away by her talent. When I saw her name on this post I instantly remembered her amazing art and how I wished I could paint like her. I would so love to win this and have a portrait done of my “dirty beast”, Snickers. A Westie w/ lots of attitude that I have a love/hate relationship with. Don’t ask just trust me on this

  40. What a nice blog site she has. I’ve become a follower and look forward to seeing her work!

  41. Her work is so incredible! I would probably have a portrait of our former rooster done. I called him “Ugly”, my husband (who got him) called him “handsome” and our four year old friend dubbed him “sweetie pie”.

  42. Self-taught and beautiful. Thank you for the chance to get this portrait done of my two rescued shelties, Shane and Calvin. It will look perfect hanging over my bed.

  43. That is some seriously amazing talent!
    I love the painted dressers! Usually they look tacky but these are breath taking!

  44. I’m now following Karen’s blog. =)

  45. My Facebook friends will be stopping by too!!

  46. Super cool! I would love to win a portrait of my kitty cat Harley.. she’s my spoiled baby 🙂 brandimthompson (a) gmail.com

  47. Lovely!!! What a talent! My little Miss Magnolia the schnauzer/lab would be a wonderful subject!

  48. Amazing! That is so incredible that she is self taught.

  49. We have a crazy Jack Russell Terrier (or Terror) that has the cutest face!

  50. Just visited Karen’s Blog and am now following her! Even if I don’t win, I have a feeling I’ll be commisioning a portrait!

  51. She is an amazing artist. I love her work and I’d love to have my little Lucky memorialized in one of her paintings. Lucky is my right hand gal. I’ll be joining Karen’s Blog as soon as I finish posting. Thanks.

  52. Amazing!! If I won I would have our little Jack painted–she has funny bowed legs and in some people’s eyes not the cutest, but to us she is the cutest and sweetest little dog anywhere!!

  53. I love the portraits! I would definitely have a portrait done of Lucy and Wiley my Australian Shepherds.

  54. I would without a doubt in my mind get a portrait painted of my lil shadow Chuey! I’ve had him since he was 4 months old…he is now 14. We survived a horrific accident that included 4 other vehicles with one being an 18 wheeler which we hit head on. All those that responded said it was a miracle that we both walked away without injuries. I just think he was/is my living guardian angel!!

  55. I am now an official follower of Karen’s blog. Now if I could just have her talent!!

  56. Wow, what a talent! Even if I don’t win, I’ve enjoyed seeing what she can do! But if I do win, I would have her paint my cat…I had to put her down last month after loving and living with her for 16 years. She is very missed, and a special portrait of her would be awesome.

  57. Karen your work is awesome, I just signed up to be a Follower and I`m not sure who I wanted you to paint for us if we should win, we have lost our dog and 2 cats recently but Seven our last girl is still with us .What eyecandy your paintings are.

  58. Oh my!! she’s amazing!! My husband would squeal like a girl if I surprised him with a painting of our Yorkie, Bones!!!

  59. I’m following Karen’s blog!

  60. Those are so great! I have my fingers crossed! If I win, I’d have my boyfriends boxer, dakota, done. She is very much a part of our family, and he’d love it!

  61. That woman has some serious talent!!!! That is beyond amazing! If I were chosen (fingers and toes crossed!), I would have my baby’s picture done. Her name is Murphy and she is now 12 years old. I love that dog! She is and always will be my first baby!

  62. I just became a follower on Karen’s blog!

  63. Just posted on facebook about it!! Thanks Lindsey for such a great giveaway!

  64. I would love a pic of my Smudge!! My companion that got her name from her tail always wagging it’s way into wet paint!! She is getting old on me and I will miss her!

  65. I am a follower of your blog and Karen’s! I hope you will follow mine!

  66. Wow, what an amazing talent she has. I totally agree about bumping his head on the shutter, and I really had to study the dress hanging on the dresser, I totally thought it was real!

    If I won, i think I would have a picture of my dad’s dog done, who recently passed away. She was a beautiful husky, and we all miss her, so it would make a wonderful girt for my dad.

  67. Wow…her work is awesome and so life-like. If I won I would have her paint my grandchildren’s sweet dog Josie. I’m not a pet owner at this time.

  68. Not sure if I would have one done of my dog, or my parents’ dog. They’ve gotten soft in their old age and I’m pretty sure that mut gets treated better than I did as a kid!

  69. Those painting are unbelievable! All of them. Even the non-animal ones! If I won, I would have my rescue Bull Terrier, Tazz, painted. He had to have surgery yesterday and I was a mess for the entire day. It was only a dental and lumpectomy surgery, but I was still terrified that something would happen to my tough little man. We’ve had him for 2 years and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

    blink_gurl123 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  70. I’m a follower of Karen’s blog. I can’t believe how much detail she can fit into a 5″x7″ portrait.

  71. Karen’s work is amazing.If I won I would have my pug’s picture painted. Her name is Sadie.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.


  72. Karen would do a beautiful job painting my husbands little buddy/mutt named Nimoy!

  73. I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/LaurenEgier/status/23605297503272960

    blink_gurl123 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  74. Oh WOW!!! I’d have to think about who I’d pick. I’d love to have a portrait done of my horse that passed away, but if I’ve got a couple of very cute dogs I’d love a picture of, too 🙂

  75. OK, posted on Facebook! Also gave a shout out to your blog. I don’t comment very often, but I read every post! 🙂

  76. I’m now following Karen, too! What a talented artist!!

  77. What a neat giveaway!! We miss our pet… would love to have a picture painted to remember him by. She is a talented artist!

  78. I shared the link on Facebook!

  79. I’m a follower on her blog! 🙂

  80. Wow, very cool! I would love a painting of my mini-dachshund girly!

  81. That is some great talent she has!
    My sister has a rescued Papillon so that would be my choice if I won.

  82. Wow, amazing! I love LOVE my dogs. I currently have two dachshunds that are about 4 years old. However I would have her paint my wonderful dog Oliver, who we lost a couple years ago. He was rescued from a puppy mill, but despite his rough start in life he was such a happy dog. So many good memories. Oh how I miss him.
    What a great give away.
    Thx Sarah

  83. What a fun giveaway

  84. What a fun giveaway

  85. What a fun giveaway

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. Wow..she’s AMAZING!! Those chests of drawers…simply fantastic! I’d LOVE to win a pet portrait! (is it open to international bloggers?)It’d be hard to pick tho..both our pets are now in pet heaven but Id love either of them to be remembered in an actual painting. Jyp was my husbands faithful hunting companion his entire life – he was 16 when he went to heaven…and Jypsy (no relation and my daughters spelling! ;))…was my daughters pet all her life till she left home and she became the family pet…who only a couple of months ago went to doggy heaven. She was 13.
    so either would be fabulous, should I be lucky enough to win..thanks for the opportunity!
    jessie nelson nz

  88. Oh My, these are gorgeous!! I would LOVE our dog Marley to have a portrait done! She’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback and is about to turn 2! She is literally a second child to my husband and I and she spends her time playing with my 4y.o. They are inseparable! Who would have thought an 80lb dog could take such good care of a small little boy. They are like peas in a pod! murrayclan3@yahoo.com

  89. I’d have her paint my two cats that are such hams. My previous cat wouldn’t sit still for a photo and even though I had her 5 years I only have 2 pictures of her. Shasta and Pepsi pose (I know that sounds crazy) but they sit still and look at you when u point a camera at them. I have tons of great photos of them.


  90. I dont have any pets. Karen is just a great muralist and painter. Whoever wins the portrait giveaway is going to be extremely happy with it. And if you dont win, her prices are very reasonable.

  91. Her work is amazing! I would have her paint my 4 year old black lab.

  92. Beautiful…I love the dresser with the little girls dress painted on it…I had to look twice! I would have a portrait of my black lab Jake painted. He is such a gentle and playful soul!

  93. Would LOVE to win the pet portrait- i have a picture of my 3 bichons together that would be perfect!

  94. Wow her work is amazing. I would love to have my 2 shihtzu’s portrait done.

  95. Wowzers! Amazing work!

  96. What a fun giveaway! I would love to have my little yorkie-poo painted. Her name is Sipsie and she’s a sweetie. But then, of course I would say that…

  97. Fantastic giveaway! Outstanding!

    I’m a follower of Karen.. who isn’t?! Her stuff is gorge!

    I’d have her paint my mum’s dog Sasha if I’m lucky enough to win. Sasha passed away just before Chritmas and is sorely missed by us all 🙁

  98. What a fun giveaway! We have a chocolate lab named Rex. He is not only a great family dog but my hubbys retired and beloved hunting dog. It would be a great tribute.

  99. I’d have her paint my lop earred bunny, Ramona.

  100. Amazing! I would have a painting done of our black mini schnauzer Lucky! He was a rescue dog and deserves a painting of himself!

  101. I am now following Karens Blog!

  102. Karen is a very talented woman, and I am to see that she is your new sponsor. These are great murals!! Just amazing, and she is self taught? Wowzas!! I love the pet portraits. Great, great, great!!!

    -Gabi from Savannah, TX

  103. Love this giveaway! She really is a great painter, that dresser with the dress looked so real. I would love to have a picture of my little Regal Beagle Duece. Ever since my husband and I got him, we went from feeling like a couple to a family!

  104. Officially following Karen’s blog! Still can’t get over her talent.

  105. Hi-
    What a great giveaway! She has an amazing talent! I would have her paint our dog Maggie. My husband and I adopted her shortly after we married. She has been in our family for many years now and she is wonderful to our two kids! We all love her dearly! Thanks-
    Marci thepetersfamily3@aol.com

  106. Wow! Love it. The dresser with the little dress is adorable. At first I thought it was rather plain until I realized the dress was painted on.

  107. Wow! That is amazing! I am in awe of how real those look!

  108. I am now following Karen’s blog, and shared this giveaway on my Facebook page. Thank you!

  109. I would love to have a painting of our girl Lucy, a beautiful English Springer Spaniel. Her art is gorgeous!

  110. Amazing art!! I would definitely have to have her paint a picture of my MIL’s dog Eddy that died a few years ago!! She loved him soooo much!

  111. AMAZING works of art!!! Love them all, even the ones that are random “other people’s pets”! If picked I would choose our Jack Russell mutt. He is my 16 year old daughters whole world and she wonders what she would do at college without him… I would sent this with her to remind her of him! Thanks!

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. OMG! These are so beautiful….If I won this portrait I would have it done for my dog Harley. He is a rescued golden retriever who is training to be a therapy dog. He is such and important part of our family and this would be such a treasured piece of art. 🙂


  114. I just started following Karen’s blog…I look forward to watching the awesome murals. She is awesome!


  115. Congratulations on your newest sponsor. She is
    one talented woman!

    Love the dog portrait giveaway as well. I’d have my
    shihtzu “Oreo” painted.

    Take care,


  116. A portrait like this of our black lab Remington would really spruce up my husband’s office. How neat!

  117. Love this giveaway! I would have a portrait done of my sweet fur baby Skippy.

  118. I’d love a portrait of our White German Shepard, faithful companion of 14 years, painted. We recently lost Reggie and this would be the perfect picture for my hubby, afterall, Reg was his best friend!

  119. What a GREAT giveaway. I have two cats – both black, unrelated, rescue kitties and I would love a portrait of them. I had my first pets – two cats that were part of our family – for 19 years. A portrait is such a special way to honor that special relationship. I may have to get one done even if I don’t win!
    Thanks. marguerito at comcast dot net

  120. I’m one of Karen’s newest followers. I love her work, so congratulations on your newest sponsor and thanks for introducing her fabulous work to your readers. I think that is definitely what they call a WIN/WIN for everyone!
    marguerito at comcast dot net

  121. I would love to have a pet portrait of my australian shepherd, Dinah. She is SO cute and the best dog ever!

  122. I would choose my diabetic cat who is now 11 years old. It’s getting to the point where I don’t think he has much time left. This would be a great memory of him!

  123. I became a follower of Karen’s blog

  124. I tweeted

    beach cove jewelry@ gmail dot com

  125. What an amazing, talented artist she is! I would LOVE a portrait of our family dog Remy. He passed away last Sept after nearly 8 years as a family member. We miss him terribly.

  126. What a wonderful and beautiful way to celebrate our furry family members! I would love to have a portrait made of my sister’s ‘kids’, Madeline and Barclay, both Jack Russells. My sister is always doing so much for all of our ‘fur-less’ children. She definitely loves and cares for her niece and nephews as if they were her own. How special it would be to have a portrait of her children!


  127. I now follow Karen’s blog!


  128. Amazing! Love her work! I would have her paint my 2 doggies baxter and milo, both rescue mixed mutts!

  129. Amazing! Love her work! I would have her paint my 2 doggies baxter and milo, both rescue mixed mutts!

  130. Amazing! Love her work! I would have her paint my 2 doggies baxter and milo, both rescue mixed mutts!

  131. I have two little dachshunds that I would love a painting of! Actually one is half chihuahua, but they are the cutest! I love all of her artwork, how awesome it could be if I won! haha.

  132. love your paintings wish i could do this but alas it was not meant to be. have a cute like 5 pound chi that I would love a painting of. sandra

  133. These paintings are amazing! I’d have my sister’s dog painted because he’s really itchy and allergic to everything. The painting would make him look so healthy. 🙂

  134. What a gift she has! I would hands down have a painting of my little baby Daphnie! She is so full of life and sass, I love her!

  135. Wow! Karen’s art is amazing! If I was lucky enough to win, I would definitely want one of my English Bulldog Rocky. Since they have fairly short life spans, that would be a fabulous keepsake of him.

    Great giveaway – wonderful art!

  136. P.S. I’m a follower on her blog AND I tweeted about it! Doesn’t look like she has a twitter account, but I sent them her way!

  137. Your work is inspiring. My husband and I were unable to have children together, so our 2 year-old puppy, a Shih tzu we named “Rembrandt” is our baby; we would love your work to grace our home!

  138. Amazing talented artist!! I would love a portrait of my cat Joey who went missing 484 days ago. I am still praying everyday for his return! Thank you for the chance!

  139. I am a follower of Karen’s blog!

  140. Fingers crossed. I’d adore a portrait of our rescued Chow, Cane.

  141. Her work is fantastic!

    I would have our old lady dog, Kinley, painted. She’s making her last visit to the vet this week and I’d love to have her immortalized in art.

  142. I was reminded just this week how our time was narrowing with our sweet beagle Benny–oh how I’d cherish a painted portrait of him from this very talented artist!

  143. oooh love this give away! I have an ADORABLE boston terrier pup that I would LOVE to have a painting of! <3

  144. oooh love this give away! I have an ADORABLE boston terrier pup that I would LOVE to have a painting of! <3

  145. Beautiful work… and such a lovely treat for some lucky blogger!!! If I win, the starring pet will be Doogie…. An award winning Scottish Fold. He’s chatty, he’s sassy, he’s all that and a bag of chips!


  146. I love the wall murals! I have a Mini Schnauzer named Zeus that would love to have his portrait painted. (he’s so spoiled!)

  147. Wow, is she talented! I love her work and would love to have a portrait of my dog! Thanks for sharing.


  148. I would love to have a portrait painted of our wonderful border collie Maggie. She has been a part of our family for almost 11 years now and it would be great to have a beautiful art piece to remember her by when she is no longer with us.

  149. Unbelievable work! A painting of our cat, Murray, would be so unique and special. I have just the picture of him too.

  150. No way! I was actually just thinking about doing a portrait of our beautiful dog Journey! She’s a Husky mix with the strangest eyes I’ve ever seen. One is such a light blue it’s almost white, and the other is 3/4 brown and 1/4 that blue white. It looks like a kid was coloring her eye brown, and then just stopped picked up a light blue crayon and finished. Plus she’s such a sweet and good dog. The hubs and I love her to pieces.

  151. I’m following Karen’s site now… just a few pages and I was hooked 🙂

    What she did to that pediatric ward was pure magic!

  152. I even linked this on facebook 🙂 normally I don’t do that, but I love these portraits and would love to have some of Karen’s art in my home!

  153. Karen’s work is spectacular! If I were to win, I would ask Karen to paint a portrait of my family dog; a beagle/boxer named Otis. Otis is about 2 years old now, and remarkably he still looks like a young puppy.

  154. Oh my goodness, this is one of the best giveaway opportunities ever! I would love to have a painting of my chocolate labs, Bella and Ballou. What a talented lady. Thank you for introducing her to us.

  155. Extraordinary talent. I have two giant Schnoodles–Lulu and Cato. They would be adorable subjects.

  156. Wow, just amazing!

    I would have my late dog Maisie painted. She is a Westie, so I know the artist can do it right =)

  157. wow…these are AWESOME!!!
    i’d have a hard time choosing which of our 3 animals to have painted!! we’ve got 2 black and white cats..and one black and white shitzu..!!
    i think if i won i’d be able to come up with something though!!
    thanks for the opportunity!!

  158. i’m following her blog too!!!!

  159. I have a lab, a golden retriever,and a cat! I can’t get them to hang out together in real life so a painting would be great!


  160. I have a lab, a golden retriever,and a cat! I can’t get them to hang out together in real life so a painting would be great!


  161. I’d love to win this! I’d use it for one of our four dogs!


  162. She is super talented!

  163. I’ve thought about having a portrait done of our dear lab Daisy with my husband. She is the perfect dog & so loving & happy all the time. She’s black so it’s hard to photograph her. A portrait would be so great!

  164. I followed the blog for another entry. Thanks!

  165. Wow, these are beautiful!

  166. So great! I would get a portrait of my sister’s cat, since the cat will probably not be around much longer.

  167. What a talented artist!!! Would love to win a pet portriat! Having a hard time deciding which dog though!! Hard choice between a jack russel, lab mix, or sheep dog mix, all shelter saves!

  168. I would love a portrait of any of my dogs! But if i had to choose one i guess it would have to be my oldest dog dallas.

  169. I have just became a follower on Karens blog 🙂

  170. I posted about the giveaway on my blogs facebook page.

  171. Hi, I just became a follower on hers. Love her work.

  172. Beautiful!! I would love to have a portrait of our 14 year old Italian Greyhound. He is so precious to us.

  173. I am a follower of Karen’s blog.

  174. Wow – what a talent!
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  175. I would definitely get a portrait of my 2 dogs done. Her artwork is amazing!

  176. I would love a portrait of my puppy, Stanley!

  177. I would love to have my mothers dog, “Dudley” captured in a painting. He is getting older, and has recently had some issues that brought his declining health into perspective, and I know my mother would love to have a picture of him to keep forever…how special!

  178. and I am following Karen’s blog. She is truly a talented lady!

  179. and I am following Karen’s blog. She is truly a talented lady!

  180. following the blog YAY

  181. I am so impressed. If i would win I would have my mom and dad’s dog painted. My dad has alzeheimers and they had to put the dog down but he still calls for the dog. Thanks again for the great opportunity.

  182. My Standard Poodle Evan would make the best subject for one of Karen’s paintings. How generous she is to be offering this !

  183. I’m now following Karen’s wonderful blog.

  184. I would have my two kitties painted!

  185. I’ve tweeted the good news about the awesome giveaway !!

  186. I would have her paint a portrait of my little man, Rufus. He’s the sweetest and funniest Bichon Frise ever!

  187. Oh what lovely pet portraits! I’d have her paint a picture of my furry nephews, Jack (yellow lab mix) and Gus (Chestnut Bay Retriever).

  188. oohhh how I would love to win this. I just lost my little buddy Dobby on dec. 22. He was attacked, and it has been devestating for our family. What an awesome way to remember him 🙂

  189. I’d love a portrait of my lab/pit mix… the best, sweetest dog ever. Sadly we had to put her to sleep a few years ago but I’d love a little “RIP” portrait!

  190. Love pet paintings! I had one done for my hubby when we were dating of his dog and now we are married and have another dog and would love to have one done of him!

  191. I would love to have my little “Princess” painted. She is 16 yrs old and while she has her slow days, she still shows some spunk! 🙂

  192. I would love to have a portrait of my chihuahua

  193. I have the cutest shih-zu poodle named Parker that would be perfect for a piece of artwork.

  194. Just became a follower of Karen’s blog!

  195. I would have a pic of my beloved Sadie-a aussie/golden mix and my loyal mate and friend for the past 11yrs. Just the thought of her playing in the yard and the sweet way she takes treats is a joy!

  196. LOVE this. I have a sweet boxer pup that would make the most adorable painting! : )

  197. Her work is amazing, and for her to give a painting away is so cool. I would have my beloved Alaskan Malamute Meshindi painted.

  198. I follow Karen’s blog on GFC as cstironkat

  199. I blogged about this great giveaway!


  200. Holy crap those murals look real! Karen’s so talented, thanks for doing a giveaway.

  201. I love this idea! I would want a picture of our sweet corgi-mix. He’s a little vain and would think this is fabulous.

  202. LOVE this giveaway! I would love to have a portrait of our black lab “Samantha” and our blue Weimeraner “Brinkley” together. Sammy’s pretty and petite, Brinkley is a very handsome guy, with a unigue color.

  203. Beautiful paintings! I would get my dachshund Maverick painted.

  204. Wow! I’m a proud Floridian right now. Karen’s work is amazing. I’d love to win this and have a painting of our cat Oz. 🙂

  205. I am a follower of Karen’s blog! 🙂 Love her work.

  206. I hope it’s not too late to enter! I’d love this for my mother-in-law and her dog!

  207. Karen’s work is beautiful! She’s so talented! I’d love to enter the giveaway. I’d have a picture of my Golden Retriever Joey painted, which I’d proudly hang on my wall.

  208. Gorgeous! I would have our Rat Terrier, Barley, painted.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  209. Yikes, I hope I’m not too late to enter this wonderful giveaway! Her paintings are gorgeous and I love the pet portraits!

    I have 3 dogs so I wouldn’t be able to pick just one. I would have to take a picture of all three of them to have her work from.

    Kat 🙂

  210. I’m now a follower of her blog and wow I love the other pet portraits she has scrolling on her sidebar!

    Kat 🙂

  211. I have always wanted a pet portrait of my beloved cat, Boo. Boo and I started out together when he was a kitten and I was 4, he lived 18 years and was my best friend. I loved him dearly and I still miss him and think about him 12 years after his passing. What a beautiful way to remember a friend!

  212. I would love to have a picture of our boys, Winston Grace and Charlie painted! 🙂

  213. Although we have several pets, I would definitely want one of our family dog Niko, a beautiful German Shepherd.

    Stephanie M.

  214. I would love to have one of my parents’ pets painted…maybe their emu, Kevin…or one of their fish. 🙂

  215. I have a rescue dog, who has a heart of gold and a personality to match, althought she’s a little unique in her appearance. My husband called UGLY the first time he saw her, but I know Karen would be able to capture her personality and unique beauty 🙂

  216. WOW!What a great giveaway…I think I would have to have our last dog Macee done and give it to my husband – best dog ever!

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