Double Down

There’s this place in town that sells old furniture from major hotels. I know what you’re thinking, “Yikes. I’ll pass on the Motel 6 mattress, thanks.” But it’s actually pretty cool, a lot of the furniture comes from big hotels in Vegas after they remodel and such. Still, what looks like a cool chair in room #225 of the Bellagio might look like, well a hotel room chair when you get it home.

So, if you have a sturdy, semi-stylish chair on your hands, but would like to make it more you, take note of these two:

Better After reader Lauren bought these chairs on Craigslist in brand new condition. Obviously, that called for some distressing. A little paint and a drool-inducing fabric on the seat and now it’s WOW!


This chair probably used to get ignored at all the parties, but now it’s the belle of the ball with a splashy turquoise paint job paired with a orange damask seat. Definitely worthy of eye-catching status. From Better After reader Chelsie, a kindergarten teacher by day, intrepid dumpster-diving, chair-rescuing furniture transformer by night!

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  1. Those chairs really don’t look too bad in their “before” state. Nice updating work.

  2. Hi
    I love old chairs.
    I have created a blog post about this.
    Would you like to see:

    These chairs are fantastic.

    Hug from Mette (Fru R.) (Norway)

  3. Świetny blog , uwielbiam takie metamorfozy!
    Pozdrowienia z Polski .

  4. I like both the before and the after of the first chair! But the second one? Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!

  5. These are the kinds of posts that are a special kind of torture for me. I love BOTH the afters. Seriously … why can’t I ever find chairs like this?

  6. um yeah…so WHERE in town is this old-hotel-furniture store? 🙂

  7. Wowza! That upholstery look professionally done. Impressive!

  8. Both chairs look fabulous! I love the shape of them:)

  9. That would be IRCA and you can see more here:

    You’ve probably heard of them at some point, I get their ads in the mail every other week.

  10. oh my goodness, I absolutely that last chair! Gorgeous!

  11. I love both of these chairs! I am a big fan of re-making chairs. Here is a before and after photo of one that I did.

    Love your Blog.. keep it coming!

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