Debb’s Kitchen

Cliché alert! Less is more. Debb’s kitchen here shows us how. Gone is the ill-fitting microwave above the stove, leaving just a wide open breathing space. Gone is the seating area around the narrow storage-space eating peninsula. Instead Debb decided to widen it and put the back side to work. No more wasted space in this place!

I’m also loving the black and white cabinets and the darker band in the crown moulding. Cool! Thanks for sharing Debb!

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  1. I had to keep going back and forth between the before and after photos to realize that it really is the same kitchen!


  2. I love the black on bottom white on top cabinets!!! I have been wanting to redo mine like this but hadn’t seen pics of it…I’m such a visual person! LOVE IT!


  3. Beautiful and warm! Debb (if you’re on here), what color/style is countertop? I’ve been looking for a granite color that would work well with my black appliances and this looks like it may be it. Thanks! Great job!

  4. That’s totally gorgeous but where do they microwave stuff?? I’m concerned (cuz that’s the only cooking appliance I use!)
    loooove that tile !

  5. Gorgeous! Love the dark band in the moulding!

  6. The granite looks like St. Cecilia. I just got new granite and was deciding between that and Butterfly cream.

  7. LOVE THIS!!

  8. What an awesome kitchen!!!

  9. That looks so good! I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing with our “bar” where we never sit! 🙂

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