You won’t typically flip through a fancy design magazine and find TVs in every room, or in any room, actually. True, they aren’t the loveliest things to look upon. But unless you are an avid fireplace watcher, you probably have some sort of boxy entertainment device taking up space somewhere.

Jen worked her TV into what used to be a clunky-cornered waste-of-space living room with new built-ins that provide hearty amounts of storage and style. It really brightens up the whole space too. Everybody wins, even the fireplace watchers! Take a tour on her blog Frugal Jen.

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  1. I like it. It is so neat looking. We have a place over our fireplace with doors on it so that it can be closed in the great room for a tv, which is no longer used, and an armoire with a tv in the other room. Yours looks great, and I am a fireplace lover so I like where you have it also.

  2. This is a gorgeous chunk of built in-LOVE it!!-Claire

  3. hahaaaa you’re hilarious. i love reading what you have to say as much as i love the many amazing before/after photos.
    this is a great transformation. the space looks so much lighter and less dungeon-ey

  4. This looks so nice!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  5. I like built ins and have a wall that would be great for them but since this isn’t our forever home I don’t think they will happen here.

  6. Great use of space. I like it!

  7. Now she just needs to paint the fireplace white so it doesn’t look so disjointed in the middle of those classy built-ins!

  8. That is awesome! Wish I could build one of those!

  9. Very nice, I like the way the white built ins brighten the space too.

  10. I like the contrasting color of the fireplace with the built-ins. The new shelves really brightened up the space and look wonderful.

  11. Great result. I love it. The room became brighter. Thanks.
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