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Better After reader Ashley had her first baby girl on the way, so this manly bedroom was on the way OUT. But while a vintage car theme wasn’t on her wishlist for the new nursery, she knew she still wanted something nontraditional and not a super-sparkly-ribbons-and-lace-puffy-fluff-glitter-unicorn-rainbow-or-any-other-title-of-a-Mariah-Carey-album-themed room.

So she went with hints of a Parisian theme, with a harlequin inspired paint job and black and white bedding. And is not that stacked suitcase dresser the cutest thing you’ve seen all day? Just fabric scraps and pieces of old purses and belts from a thriftstore! Thanks for sharing Ashley!

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  1. Wow! That is soo cute. And very unique! What an awesome dresser!

  2. very cute! I love the paint job.

  3. That dresser is CRAXY-good! Absolutely fabulous!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dresser!!!

  5. Wow! I what a clever idea on the dresser. Amazing!

  6. I have to say WOW too. What a wonderfully creative idea.

  7. The suitcase idea is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it! Great job!

  8. Great Dresser, can you give me a little more guidance on this, I am trying to do something like this with my sons old changing table/dresser. Thank you!

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