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Does it really pay to stage your home when you are trying to sell? That would be a big, fat YES. This home had sat on the market for four and a half months before Joanne from Rave ReView got her stage on in here. Even though the budget only allowed for a new paint job and a few new fixtures, she made a dramatic change, and an offer was made and accepted 4 days later!

If you can’t afford a professional, a few easy staging tips include:

1. Clean it up! No one wants to see your used razors in the trash.

2. Remove personal items. Maybe you love the look of your honeymoon pictures plastered all over your bedroom, but buyers want to picture THEMselves in there.

3. Aim to make it as neutral as possible. More appeal for buyers who can consider it a blank slate to start fresh from rather than moving into “someone else’s house.”

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  1. This is also an incredible example that sometimes it doesn’t cost that much to get a dramatic makeover. I love how upscale the bathroom feels now!

  2. Just never leave builder grade white on the walls. A good paint automatically classes up the place. Another problem with that room was the tiny artwork on the big wall. Scale, people! Remember the scale of the wall if you’re putting up artwork!

  3. A girl after my own staging heart!!! I love this redo. The cabinetry really looks amazing now. M.

  4. It’s too bad they didn’t do this while they were living there. They could have enjoyed the make-over. Now just the new owner gets to enjoy it.

  5. Love it! Is it my computer or is her link not working??

  6. Yes, looks much more upscale now. Another great lesson on scale.

  7. Paint is magic. Such a huge difference.

  8. Did anyone else notice the bidet? Who has a bidet in their house! Crazy! I want one!

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