Kitchen Exorcism

If you want proof that a white kitchen can be warm, homey and full of texture, read on, dear reader.

If you have a demon-cat phobia, you’d better stop now.

Don’t worry, demon cat was exorcised right along with the outdated oak and humdrum everything else.

This redo comes from Better After reader Amber and her husband, and would you believe this was a DIY job? They used the existing cabinets (plus the glass cabinets) and just built new doors and drawer fronts. It is a little thing, but making the cabinet doors touch instead of having gaps of space between each make them look so much more high-end.

Some readers are concerned that adding cabinets on top of cabinets, right up to the ceiling will make the room feel smaller. This is certainly not true! Nothing draws the eye up better. Like wearing high heels vs. flats, it e l o n g a t e s. Thanks for sharing Amber!

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  1. Just Beautiful!! Would never know it was the same place. Good for them!!
    Then I had to go back & look ?? I totally missed the demon cat until my 2nd look : )
    Merry Christmas!! & Thanks for being so faithful in posting the before & Afters… I am always excited when I see you have posted.

  2. Hilarious demon cat! Also, thanks for pointing out the touching cabinet doors, I would not have spotted that change, but you’re so right, it makes a HUGE difference! I am bookmarking this for sure!

  3. Beautiful transformation! The kitchen still looks cozy but also a lot more airy now.


  5. They did an amazing job! I had to look a few times to find the kitty.


  6. Awesome job! I love white & upper cabinets.

    The demon cat gave me the giggles.

  7. Wow. Wow. Wow!!! I am in love!! If I ever get to re-do my kitchen, I want it to look just like this!

  8. Great job for Amber and her hubby. I would love to know how she did the doors. Exactly what I want done! Thanks so much for sharing this. Nancy

  9. Love! I’m so jealous of the “cabinets on top of cabinets” as I have about a 3′ gap between the top of my cabinets and my ceiling and it makes my kitchen look squatty! I’m curious, did they build the upper cabinets themselves? Either way, it looks GREAT and inspires me to look into doing something with mine!

  10. Hi, Amber’s husband here. Thanks for the compliments. Anyways to answer a few questions.

    I threw all of the old doors away and built new ones, just using a table saw and a set of dado’s. It took a lot of time but was very cheap to do.

    As for the upper cabinets I built a box without a bottom and just slid it on top of the existing ones.

    Any other questions or more details you can email me –


  11. Wow, that is impressive!

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