Going Camping

Lauren found this fabulous campaign style desk at a thriftstore for $11! Even at its grody, yellowed-with-age worst, I’m betting it is worth far more than that. Who finds campaign style furniture for $11? Not me, that’s who. I’m lucky to find a broken plastic Playschool desk covered in mystery stains for $111. Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but only a slight one.

It turned out fantastic, I love it in red. 

Check it out on her blog West Furniture Revival.

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  1. I always read your posts! Love them! I wanted to invite you over to my $50 American Axpress giveaway that ends christmas Eve!


  2. Yeah, me neither, as to finds like this.

    Totally awesome.

  3. Love that color!

  4. Oh this is good. Love how this one turned out.

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