Dressing Up

So how was your weekend? I did spray paint some things, as promised, but then I forgot they were in my driveway, and I backed over them with the car! Ha! Oh well, at least it wasn’t anything priceless.
Anyway, here are some redos that turned out well and didn’t ever get run over by a car, as far as I know, from Better After reader Nicole.

Now, just because your eyes are closed for 90% of the time spent in your bedroom, it doesn’t mean the furniture can’t be beautiful! Nicole was ready to give up on her hand-me-down nightstand and dresser until she found some inspiration from a certain green dresser featured on this very blog! {this one HERE}.

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  1. Great makeovers! I love the fun colors!

  2. Wait, are you kidding about the car, or did it really happen? You are just wacky enough to do that, I suspect. My condolences to your spray-painted casualties!

  3. Did you seriously run them over? Yikes!! Only you, girl.

  4. Love that green color! How did you get that look?

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