Don’t Tell Corbel

Kim wanted to beef up her island and figured corbels were the answer. Until she got to Lowe’s and realized that corbels were $15 each and would have cost $90 for this project! So she got creative, borrowed a pen from a cashier, much to the horrified dismay of her significant other, and traced the outline of those corbels right onto a piece of lumber. Took it home and cut them out, and her grand total for six corbels? $6.51! Nobody ever said that it doesn’t pay to wear your thinking cap, but if they did, I would say they were wrong! Check it out on her blog Simple Needs.

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  1. Dang, I love it when people do smart things that I should have thought of myself! Looks great!!!

  2. Clever girl! I love what she has done with her island, so much better.

  3. I love it when great design has an even better story behind it. Great job!

  4. That does look nice. However, and I’m aware this would get insanely pricey (unless you found some garage sale ones) wrought iron would look fabulous too.

  5. I agree with everyone else…love the story, creativity and results!

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