Chalk It Up

Is there a big blank wall somewhere in your home? Do you stare at it in despair wondering what in the world can be done with it? Why not try a larger than life chalkboard like Better After reader Miki did? Give your wall some interest and keep the kids entertained; two birds one stone, you know how it goes.
What are your solutions for a big wall-o-blankness? Like behind the sofa, for example, or maybe a long empty hallway? Let’s hear em!

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  1. Great idea! We have an empty wall in our back entry that could use a little filling.

  2. I love the little polka dot stools! Too cute. I totally love the chalky trend 🙂

  3. Soooo cool! And LARGE!…WOW!! And, yes those polka dot stools fit right in!!

  4. whoa, what language is that?!

  5. Thank you Lindsey for featuring me, and thanks guys for your comments. The language is Hebrew and the stools cost me only 25 dollars at a second hand store, what a steal!!!

  6. Looks awesome! I just painted a wall in my kitchen with chalkboard paint and I LOVE it!!

    Great job!!

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