The Blues

The Blues
If your husband, or significant other or life partner or whatever cocks his head and looks at you like you’re crazy when you declare “Hon, I think we should paint the blue bedroom blue!” then feel free to clarify your point with this before and after from Debbie. Her Barcelona Blue bedroom went bye-bye in favor of Heavenly Blue by Benjamin Moore. She also updated a few furniture pieces with white paint, and in return lightened the whole look!

And speaking of lighting, she also updated this chandelier for her guest room. She says, “I made the glass bead drops myself by stringing them on head pins. Then I attached them with fishing line. Hiding the chain with remnant muslin that I already owned helped soften it up. All in all it was under $15!”

Great job Debbie!


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  1. December 9, 2010 / 12:53 AM

    Oh! I am in the exact same situation with my bedroom paint color. The current blue is just… too blue (if that makes sense.) But that Heavenly Blue looks amazing! I’m going to buy a can this wknd. Thanks for sharing!

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