Birds and Roses

You might start slowly scrolling down this post, looking at this before chair and thinking “Not bad. Fabric could be worse, and it has a great shape… oh. Oh, yikes. Yeah, this one needed a redo.”
Then you will continue scrolling down to the glorious after, gasp loud enough to wake the neighbors, and shed some tears of adoration. Then you will say, “I have to see more!” So I will leave you with this link to Courtney’s blog: Courtney Out Loud

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  1. Thanks the shout out!

  2. le sigh

    that old girl’s still got the va va va voom!

  3. what a beautiful makeover!


  4. Thank goodness for scrolling. Without scrolling we may have settled for old and ugly.

  5. that fabric needs me. or i need it. either way, we’re best friends.

  6. What gorgeous fabric! And red is my favorite:)

  7. HOLY SMOKES!!! Wowy!

  8. Three words:
    I’m. In. Love.

  9. Love it!

  10. Oh what a beautiful job! LOVE the fabric and the way you matched the welting up with the pattern. Excellent job – Enjoy!

  11. Just STUNNING!!

  12. I absolutely LOVE this!My favorite color combination.When I was a teenager, I painted all my bedroom furniture that color blue and the walls a bright cantaloupe,much to my mother’s shock! But,I loved it! Great job!

  13. PRETTY! I have that fabric in green on some chairs 🙂

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