Whole Hutch

Shayna inherited this gorgeous hutch from her grandparents. BUT, then she discovered that the bottom half was at a cousin’s, and the cousin told her in no uncertain terms that she wasn’t about to get it back. Ever. Rude!
So, after searching for 3 years for the perfect piece to put underneath it, she finally found a solid wood dresser with the perfect dimensions. So opted to remove the doors to open it up and added a little black paint to make it match, and she’s got herself a complete unit. So there, cousin! Check more out on her blog Texas Monkey.

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  1. WOW. its so amazing what some paint and new handles can do !!goodjob!!!

  2. Thank you so much, yep the cousin can stick it LOL.

  3. How lucky to find a piece to match it so perfectly! LOVE it!

  4. OMGoodness! That is gorgeous, I’m so glad it worked out for you, Absolutely stunning 🙂

  5. I bet her cousin played the banjo and had stick out ears.

  6. Are you kidding me? How’s THAT for paybacks? That is absolutely gorgeous — great style!!

  7. I’m utterly speechless. All I can say is…..WOW!

  8. So awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. That is Stunning! Beautifully Decorated too!

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