Stand-ard Deviation

Stand-ard Deviation

Amanda was minding her own business at the thriftstore when this mid-century modern dresser jumped out at her and demanded to be taken home. Not one to ignore such requests, she did just that.

But first the dresser needed a little fix-me-up. So she redid it in a cool gray and added a contrasting zebra pattern on top. (Hand painted yo!)

But the biggest difference to me is how she simply got the dresser up off the floor a few inches by screwing in some new legs. I think that makes it seem much more substantial and able to stand alone, and not like it might possibly be one half of a whole, which is what it seems like in the before. Does that make sense? I’m rambling. Anyhoo, check it out on her blog The Secret Life of the Staging Chick. Thanks Amanda!

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  1. November 30, 2010 / 1:54 AM

    That’s beautiful! I love the paint color!

  2. November 30, 2010 / 4:31 AM

    Gorgeous! It is a fabulous piece now~

  3. November 30, 2010 / 8:30 AM

    I just found your blog and I’ve been busy all night going through your archives. Thanks.

  4. November 30, 2010 / 3:24 PM

    I am always in awe of the fun things you do with the furniture you find! 🙂 I’m still trying to find the time to work on my sewing table, but I have an idea that’s going to be soooo cute. Maybe after the wedding….

  5. December 6, 2010 / 6:12 PM

    Hey Staging Chick!!!! So funny that I saw you here at Better After. Nice work again! This dresser does look fabulous.

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