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The other day I posted a kitchen redo where the standard cabinets were replaced with cabinets that went all the way to the ceiling. A reader asked if doing this would make the kitchen feel smaller. I have to say, I think the opposite is true.

Take Whitney’s dining room here. It has certainly opened up from the outdated, spindly space it once was. The new built-in cabinets that extend to the ceiling really draw the eye up and make the room feel bigger. And … it also doesn’t hurt that those half walls were removed and a new doorway was added either…. Looks amazing! Thanks to Amy, who brought this one to my attention, see it on Whitney’s blog HERE.

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  1. I definitely think the white woodwork makes a TON of difference. It brings an airy sort of crispness to the room. Love it.

  2. A little open space above cabinets here and there gives it a nice look. But I prefer all the way up to the ceiling or at least a soffit. It just becomes a dust catcher, and why not use the dead space for storage. We can’t get enough storage right?

  3. I agree…I think anything you take up to the ceiling make’s the room look taller. A ton of designers do that with curtains even! I think it looks great =)

  4. um! WOWY! Love it.

  5. I’m pretty sure Whitney is pulling a fast one on us and that’s not the same room. I kid, cause that is just amazeballs.

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